What’s a Kindle?

A Kindle is a device for reading electronic books. I’ve tried a few different and I think the Kindle is the best because:

  • It actually works the way you expect it to.
  • Its inexpensive.
  • It fits in your back pocket, so its easy to take with you everywhere.
  • you can email documents to it and read them later
  • Everything is backed up for free.
  • You can download a free app or reading program and read it on your phone, tablet or computer
  • If your Kindle is lost or destroyed, you can simply access your whole library via another device. It doesn’t even have to be a Kindle.
  • You can give a friend or family member their own Kindle and link it to your account. Share all your books with each other at no cost

I now own three kindles. The battery life is phenomenal. One charge lasts me over a week, and I do at least four or five hours reading on it every day. I own three of them now.

Postscript: I recently had my latest Kindle die on me for no apparent reason. This is the first time this hasĀ ever happened to me – they are very robust devices. Fortunately they come with a one year warranty. I contacted Amazon, had a phone conversation and they sent a replacement immediately. I had it within 3 days. I have 30 days to return the old broken one – at no cost to me. They emailed me a pre-paid courier voucher.

Try Kindle for Free

You don’t need a special device to read Kindle books. I began reading them on my phone first to see how the system worked. Only then did I buy a Kindle reader. I was able to easily access all the books I had accumulated on my new reader.