Goodbye Smokeball, Hello Documents Online!

Smokeball documents now available at Documents Online
Goodbye Smokeball!

April marks the end Kalde & Associates publishing on Smokeball. We are now publishing all our material previously available on Smokeball via our new sites Documents Online and Precedents Online.

The material has been brought up to date and improved. Documents Online and Precedents Online use a simpler, easy to use format which makes for a better user experience and faster updates to the material. We also offer some features that were never offered by Smokeball:

  • Sale of single documents: You can now buy documents individually.
  • Discounted renewal: Smokeball would charge you the same amount every year for renewing your subscription to Practice Guides. We give you a discount for being a loyal customer.

About time, we say. These and other improvements are available on the new sites.

For Practice Guides go to: Documents Online


For Single Precedents go to: Precedents Online