Turn ideas into Intellectual Property.

Write it down. Trademark it.
Write it down. Trademark it.

There is no property in an idea. They cannot be owned. They cannot be stolen. Ideas belong to anyone. Until you write them down.

Write it down.

Once an idea is rendered in material form, it can be protected by copyright, trademarking and other forms of Intellectual Property protection. Writing works for words. Drawing works for logo’s and designs. But that is just the first step. You usually need to do something else to assert your right of ownership. A good example is business names.

Then register it.

Most people think that registering a business name gives them ownership. It doesn’t. Registering a business name is merely a government requirement that allows you to trade under that name. It doesn’t give you ownership. Many people are surprised by this.

If you don’t, who will?

What does give you ownership of your name? Trademarking. Registering a Trade Mark gives you 100% ownership of your business name and logo. If anyone else tries to use your Trade Marks, you can sue them. Successfully. If they made money from your Trade Mark, they have to hand it over to you. Better still, you can license other people to use your Trade Marks in return for royalties. Worth having. Trademarking lasts 10 years, and you can renew after that. It’s a little more complex and expensive than simply registering a business name, but you get what you pay for. Ownership.

Intellectual Property creates ownership.

Register it, own it. Without being written down in some material form , it’s just an idea. You can make money from ideas, but you need to do something with them first. Don’t let someone else beat you to it.

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